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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Frost Begins Our Spring

As we gear up for Spring this year, a fun weekend in Frost, Minnesota was in order. 

Now, this trip had some minor drawbacks... 
My car started out the weekend with a big old nail in the tire.  
Totally a fixable detail.   
The bad car luck runs through the family veins, though -  
Poor Danny and Mom - both of their cars ended up being broken over the weekend.  
Four folks.  Three Cars.  
But, only one car that works.  
What are the odds of that happening?

  But, here's what made the trip way more memorable than broken cars...

Danny made us a dinner that Norman Rockwell himself 
would have been impressed with - complete with a poached pear for dessert.


 What a lovely, lovely poached pear.  So pretty, I felt bad taking a bite.  But, talk about delicious-  It's so cool to have a little brother that doubles as a chef.

A trip to Minnesota just wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Jolly Green Giant.
He lives in Blue Earth.

And wouldn't you know - mom's got a green thumb.  
Check out these blossoms!
I haven't seen any blossoms in Illinois yet - go mom!


  1. Thanks for sharing the trip 'home'! Fun to see the pictures - and I'm SO impressed by Danny's talent! I could almost taste that dessert...

  2. Yummy and HO HO HO and all that!