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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sole Desires

Florence Ribbon Tie
Abigail's Party
Poetic License Dazzling Day
Spat Attack
Wing Invador
Flicker Flack

I'm in absolute lusty love with these shoes.
I'm especially infatuated with the names of the shoes.

[How does one get into the shoe naming business? 
I think being a professional namer of things would be a great profession -
nail polish, paint chips, shoes, etc. all have super creative names.]
To make my upcoming 30th birthday something to look forward to,
I may just have get a pair of these.  
But, how in the world am I going to decide which pair?  I love them all.
At least I have approximately 5 months to ponder this decision.
Quick poll - out of these 7 pairs, do you have a favorite?

Here's the website for all of these sole desires:



  1. For me: Trinkletina
    For you: Poetic License Dazzling Day
    For Stewart: Wing Invador

  2. Wish I could post a pic here! I went and found the shoe I like even better! I'm not sure about the name, doesn't seem to fit the shoe but it's called Devil's desire. It's red with red and white stripes and white stars. Seems it should be called 4th of July blast off.

  3. Jerri Lynn I think Whoopie Goldberg has those shoes! I love Whoopie!