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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh Danny Boy!


Poor Danny.
Moved into a new apartment Friday.
Then, last night the building caught fire.
He's completely okay though, thank goodness.
So was everyone else in the complex.
He actually got to move back in tonight. 
We're all so thankful everyone's safe and sound.

So, today when Danny thought he was homeless - 
and thought all of his things may be gone -
(except his chef uniform, his cell phone, & his cell phone charger)
Danny did what he always does -
he hit the kitchen running & kept busy.
He completed the cake he's been 
working on all week at school.

Check out this spectacular cake -->

What  a trooper - good work Danny.  
I'm so proud of all you've been able to accomplish so far.
Cheers to a future that's sure to be bright.

Love, Your Big Sister


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