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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day


In honor of Father's Day today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite memories of my dad.
I often wonder what life would be like if he was still here.  He didn't get to stay
nearly long enough.  But, I know everything happens for a reason that we'll never understand.
The most important thing dad taught everyone he knew was to live life to the fullest,
which is a perfect lesson from someone who will be forever young.

So, here it goes... my favorite memories:

Sledding:  Dad would take all the cousins and me and my brother sledding down Harris Hill.
The thermos filled with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows was a staple.  It was a giant green stainless steel thermos that he'd take to work with him.  
So, you got to feel like a grown up too.

I remember going with dad to get vanity plates for the 1972 baby blue Pinto station wagon
he had just bought.  I remember him laughing that the plates cost more than the car.
The plates read UGLY 72.  I still remember the dark blue interior.

Hiking by the Fox River.  Fishing for catfish.  Finding sticks in a "Y"
shape to rest the fishing pole.  Going into the railroad
tunnels, and dad scaring us all by saying Boogity in the tunnel & hearing it echo.

Seeing dad spinning around in his maroon desk chair 
listening to the new Nirvana album for the first time. 

We had a very important discussion one day.  I was trying to tell dad
that New Kids on the Block was the best band ever.  He
told me that they weren't very good and they would never last-- I strongly disagreed.
But, I can see now - you were right dad.

Jamming in the pick up truck on the way to Safari Market.  I'd cover my ears
because INXS was blasting out of the speakers.  Dad would laugh and tell me most kids 
would think their parents were cool for listening to loud music.

Swimming:  Lots of swimming.  The pool was one of dad's last projects.
I remember him leveling out the garden preparing for our pool, and how proud we 
all were when we got to swim in our own pool for the first time.  Dad would skyrocket 
Danny in the air  (Danny loved that).

Oh yeah, I remember the legendary jean shorts.  They were really short cut-offs.
He'd wear those while mowing & landscaping.  It was super cool when he'd add the straw hat
to the ensemble.

I remember the beards during the winter to stay warm.  The flannel shirts.
The long underwear. & the steel-toe boots.  And in the summer, the dark blue Hawaiian shirt
with the gold necklace.

My first motorcycle ride.  I remember sitting right in front of him 
on the seat with my hands on the handlebars.  
I'm pretty sure we went really slow.  But I'll always remember it.

Singing:  Dad did a lot singing.  I'll always remember that.

Thanks for all the memories dad.


  1. beautiful. That's an amazing tribute. I know he would be proud of you and who you have grown up to be.

  2. Thanks Dawn - It's funny how it's the little things you remember the most. Thanks for reading xoxo