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Monday, June 13, 2011

Splash of Color

They cut down our big pine tree.  Our shade. Our privacy.
The poor tree was past it's best -
But, I miss it already.   The yard feels so naked now... 

The same week the tree disappeared, the association sent out new 
rules to follow.  Just what we need more rules-

No decorations in the common area 
(which is everywhere except your patio),
No rock gardens, solar lights, wind chimes, bug zappers, fountains
Absolutely no birdfeeders whatsoever, etc.  

& the list goes on (and on and on)
Enough rules to make us all go crazy.
I just don't understand the logic to having so many rules.
(I'm most annoyed that I had to take down my birdfeeder. 
I love watching the birds & they love our top quality bird seed.  
What's the worst thing a birdfeeder can bring?  
A squirrel or something?  I like them too.)

Never fear though.  We're fighting the nakedness (& the absurd rules) with a 
little splash of color from the smallest container garden ever 
(that doesn't extend past our patio).

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