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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Luxury of Turning 30

This weekend I enjoyed the luxury of turning 30.
That's right--thirty years old on Saturday :0)
The mister surprised me with my very first Betsy Johnson's ever.  Aren't they just dazzling!?

I felt really really lucky when I googled events in Chicago on October 22
and stumbled upon this totally up my alley event:
 Oh my gosh, I can't even begin to tell you how spectacular it was.
I think if we all had our own personal heavens, mine would look a little bit like this.

Even the drive wasn't too bad this time. 

This was the biggest vintage event I've ever been too. 
This was the main room.  But, there were 4 more rooms too.

I fell in love with this coat.  I dreamt about it and everything.  Sigh.
Maybe one day I'll be walking downtown and spot the lady who snagged this beauty.

These ladies look just fabulous!  Holy vintage awesomeness!

After shopping all day, here's  my little treasures:
Handmade Paper Brooch by Paula Chenchar Hanus
I think this brooch looks like a little old man or a face in a tree trunk.

Vintage Flower Brooch, Original by Robert

Vintage Flower Brooch

Cute Puppet Purse.  The vendor, Maggie Roche, said these cute bags
were made by a puppeteer out of California.

So far, I pretty much love being 30.

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