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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Room

One Saturday I had to work a split shift.
Silly me.  I forgot my book at home.
(I read a lot at work in between customers.)
So, on my break I ran over to the nearest store-
which happened to be K-Mart and 
took a quick look in the book section.
This is the one I decided to buy.

I don't want to give too much away.  The book is
written from the eyes of a five year old little boy named Jack.
Jack's no ordinary boy.  
He was born and grew up in Room with his Ma.
To make life easier, Ma tells
Jack that Room is the world.  
TV is imaginary.  Outside is outer space.
No windows.  Just Skylight above.

As eerie as this concept is-
we know from watching the news 
that a story like this isn't entirely imaginary.   
It's actually happened before.
There are creeps out there that make
stories like this a reality for innocent victims.

This one is a thought-provoking read.
I'm trying to get the mister to read this one - 
He said maybe after his zombie book. ;o)

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