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Monday, November 7, 2011

To Grandma's House We Go

Great Grandma's house is so cozy 
and filled with all sorts of vintage finds.
She has a story for each and every object 
that she's collected all these years.

 I think all of my cousins have found this magazine while treasure hunting at Great Grandmas.  This was the ultimate supremo find and made us feel super sluethy. 
Hi-Ho! Cherry-O was my favorite game to play at Great Grandma's when I was little.
Does anyone else remember this game?

This is my favorite photo of mom's family.  I think it's the fashion that really speaks to me.
(from left to right:  TT, Grandma, Aunt Theresa, Aunt Gretchen, Grandpa, Uncle Zane, & mom)
I do recognize Grandma's brooch.  It's in my collection of sparkles.  And Grandma's glasses - I love them!
Vintage packaging.  Underalls is a very clever name for pantyhose.
Whenever I wear pantyhose from now on- I'm just going to refer to them
as my underalls.
a collection of plates
a collection of dolls
Me, Willie, Margot, Great Grandma, Mom

Great Grandma & her bodyguards
a collection of salt & pepper shakers

Margot, Stuart, Willie, Great Grandma, Mom


  1. It's incredible to me just how many of those photos brought back VIVID memories of trips to Grandma's. What a fun day of exploration!

  2. Just looking at the pictures warms my heart...!

  3. You snooper you,you did a great job capturing the essence of Grandma's. My favorite picture is the one through the bedroom window curtain. I like them all but that's my favorite.

  4. No matter where I have lived, Granny's has always been home. I just to think of a day when someone else might live there.

  5. I love Grandma's house. Things stay the same there - it's like a time capsule. Thanks for all the comments too. I love being a snoop - and I love comments. :0)