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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

He's the One

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When Stuart and I first starting dating-
(gosh, back in 2006) we decided to venture into Chicago.
I remember we went to the Hancock Observatory
to view the skyline by night.  I love it there.
I remember that it was cold - and I convinced 
Stuart to go out on the screened in deck there. 
This wasn't easy because Stu's afraid of heights-
but he accepted the challenge.

As cool as the date was, what made it relevant
is this little story I'm about to share.

We arrived back at the train station to head
back to the 'burbs way early.  So, like most folks
in their mid-twenties, we went to the bar at Union Station
and we waited.  After we sat down and each ordered up
an icy cold beverage, the bartender (a lovely lady) said
in a sing-song voice, "He's the one," 
and grinned from ear to ear.
I was really impressed she even noticed us.  
She was really busy - every seat was filled -
drinks were flying in all directions.
Her little comment made me smile and I'm
fairly certain Stuart blushed. 

I thought that'd be the end of the tale-
but, eventually the Metra arrived and we
settled into our seat for the train ride home.
Wouldn't you know another lady walked by
us in the aisle and said in the same sing-song voice, 
"He's the one," and grinned ear to ear.
She must have been at the bar beforehand too
when the first lovely lady said that line.
Again, I smiled and Stuart blushed.

These things just don't happen in Chicago
very often.  I remember thinking it was truly... 

But, you know what?
Those ladies were right.
He's the one.
And now I'm grinning ear to ear
remembering that little date to the city
that seemed like forever ago.

Happy two-year anniversary Mister :o) 

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