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Monday, June 11, 2012


Last night, we got to see Radiohead 
For once, we attended an outdoor event
without any weather craziness.  I've never been
such a big fan of Radiohead.  But, now after seeing their show
 I'd totally see them again.
Plus it's really fun to see the mister's eyes light up
like a little school kid.  (They're one of his favorite bands.)
What was even cooler, was getting to see the show with
Scott and Jacqueline.  What can I say, 
I married into a family with really cool folks.

Check out the stellar lighting :o) 
Another thing about this concert, oh my goodness, 
the people watching.  There was a lot of herbal enjoyment all around us,
entertaining dance moves, and hipster fashion.  
Cool hats, flip-flops, sarcastic tees, breezy dresses, 
plaid, beards, geeky glasses, and skinny pants.

I heart summer concerts.

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