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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Volo Auto Museum

On Memorial Day Weekend,
we went to the Volo Auto Museum.
Wow.  I can't believe we haven't
visited this place sooner.

They have Pee Wee's bicycle,

The Simpson's,

the Ghostbusters car,
(wouldn't it be the coolest to drive
this around??)

and the Back to the Future car!
(Okay, maybe this one may be slightly cooler
to drive around in - especially since it can travel
in time, right?)

Well, since I can't exactly buy the Ghostbusters car
or the Back to the Future DeLorean -
I could see myself driving this beauty.
She's so cute.   Red car's are the classiest.

To top off our Auto Musuem adventure,
the mister & I pretended
that the Blues Brothers were our
buddies and they invited us on stage
for a little dance with them.

This place is great.
I think we'll definitely visit again.
Gosh, I love being a child of the eighties.

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