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Sunday, July 15, 2012

7.15.12, Dream

It's 9 am this Sunday morning and I'm awake.
This is really unusual.  I'm not a morning bird.
Most Sundays my earliest rising isn't until at least 10 am.

But, this morning, I'm awake and I think it's 
because of my dream.

Again, strange.
I was the main character.
But, it was more like I was the narrator
P because the girl wasn't me, except
I was in control of her thoughts.

It was Halloween.
But, it must not have been the midwest
because it was warm.
There were little trick or treaters coming
to the door all dressed in their best
costumes.  I should mention, I must still
be young because I live at home 
with my parents.

Then, my dream jumped.
I was at work
at a gas station.

Another jump-
I must have been on my 15 minute
break or something
because I'm out in the parking lot now.
My boyfriend decided to surprise me.

You see, earlier in the day we had 
a minor fight and I think we were 
both upset.  Breakups happen so
easily when you're young.  This guy
was someone I wanted to stay
around for awhile.  I think I may love
him, which is a new feeling for me.

When you're in love,
even the silliest things seem logical.
Somehow, my boyfriend convinced
me to be spontaneous.  
"Come on
let's do something crazy, just me and you.
You see that truck over there?"

I looked over and yes I did see it. 
It was a flatbed truck, unattended at the moment.

"Let's hop on.  We'll be like the train jumpers
in the twenties.  Living life freely, seeing where
we end up."

And with that, we walked across the lot.
 He jumped onto the bed of the truck, bent down on 
one knee and helped me up like a perfect gentleman.

We laid down so the driver wouldn't see us
when he returned and we waited in silence.

Eventually, the driver came along,
and before I knew it we were off.
It was exhilarating skipping out of work
without telling anyone.  It's so out of character
for boring old me.  I glanced over to my boyfriend
and gave him my "I can't believe I'm doing this" grin. 

Night fell.  It was a clear sky.  The stars
were infinite and bright.  We talked and talked
about our hopes and our fears.  
Secrets were told.
It was peaceful and safe, calm.
I lost myself in his words, in his past.
It was all very romantic.

And then, that's were it ended. 
I woke up.
I didn't want to, I wanted
to see where this road trip was 
going to end.  But, for some reason
I woke up.
Dang it.

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