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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Costume Party, Mini-Adventure 2.0 with Heather

Before Miss Heather's arrival,
we received an invitation from
Queen Titania & Lord Oberon
announcing their

To which we responded,
"Oh yes, this will be fun."

So, the crafting began
for the Cobweb Fairy,
the Mustardseed Fairy,
and Bottom the Jackass.

Wings were made,
a pillbox hat was created,
even a tail was crafted.

The glue guns were out
in full force and turned our
Goodwill purchases
into magical costumes the
eve before the 
Midsummer's Night.

And so a magical night it was...

Leave it to the ass to perfect the art of photobombing...

I think I can safely say we all had fun.
Queen Titania and Lord Oberon
were delightful hosts and mischeivious memories
were spun that night for all who attended.

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