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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Randolph Street Market

On Sunday, we got to check out
I loved it. 

We decided we should really get a record player.
because there's so many cool records out there.
But since we don't have one, the mister found a couple of CDs.

This trip to the Street Market inspired me
to be on the lookout for a vintage letter M from an old sign.
There were plenty of vintage sign letters there
but no Ms this time.  Must be a pretty popular letter.

I adore all the vintage furniture there too.
The old stuff has so much charm that the new stuff just doesn't.

One other great thing about this market, pets are
allowed in the outdoor portion.  So, the pups had their 
first Chicago adventure.  We just did our best to
keep our dogs away from the other dogs.
Little Margotpie decides she's ferocious when another
dog gets anywhere near her.  Then, Willie chimes in
because...well, that's just what he does.

Well, look-e there.  It's Willard Court!

Another perk to this market...
live music.

Ahhh...Sundays in the city are my cup of tea.

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