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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Just making the train we thought left at 10:40, 
but actually left at 10:20 am-
(good thing the mister likes to arrive places early, whew)

another hot summer day in the city...

admiring all the outfits the sea of teenagers showed up in... 

mud...lots of it...

buying a pair of yoga pants to change into because
jeans are just so darn hot...

chilled edamame & sweet tea
 while sitting in our cave made of humans...

checking out of our human cave rather quickly
to find a nice little shady corner of the festival
to cool down in & rest.  
Perhaps that means we're getting a little old? 

urban flowers...

seeing folks breaking a branch with many forks
off a perfectly good tree...

hearing the lovely band Florence + the Machine,
seeing Florence, but only on the jumbo screen -
(loved that dress!)

 leaving Florence + the Machine after one song
to stake our claim for the Jack White concert...

seeing the one, the only- Jack White...

with not one band, but two -
the first all guys
the second all gals.

hearing "Love Interruption" performed live-
delicious it was & made my heart ache...

this guy certainly knows how to
put out the "effortlessly cool rockstar" vibe.

seeing WHY those folks broke off a branch with many forks
from a perfectly good tree... 
I would have never thought of that,
it's brilliant!

being a part of the crowd that went crazy 
after the last concert on the last day

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