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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Sandwich Fair 2012

Every year, like the big geek that I am, I look forward to the Sandwich Fair.
It's pretty much the same every year and every year I love it.

I remember when I was little the best part of the fair was the carnival rides.
I'd feel so accomplished after conquering the scariest rides there.

But now that I'm older I go for completely different reasons like
the farm animals, the food, and, of course the people watching.

The goats are still my favorite.

This gent with his can crushing machine was the coolest.  
All the little boys couldn't wait to try it out, even if they
were a bit nervous.  I overheard this little boy say, "Woah! That's cool!"
after the machine sucked out all the air from the Grape Crush can with a 
swoop and a crunch.  I wonder just how many cans are in that pile?

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