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Saturday, October 20, 2012

This Time of Year at Silver Springs

I kind of wish it was Fall all year long.  
I feel the most calm this time of year.  
My last visit to Plano, I couldn't resist heading
out to Silver Springs.  There's something comforting 
about visiting a place you're so familiar with.
I spent quite a bit of time there as a kid.
I remember every fall Grandpa Johnson & I would
drive through there.  We'd never get out- just 
drive through and look at the leaves and 
Grandpa would always say,
"Golly, it sure is pretty this time of year." 
I cruised through the park, with several stops-
camera in hand & the new 
 Glen Hansard album blaring out of my little Aveo's speakers.
(I'm a huge fan of Track 07.)
It was a perfect day to do so.
Slightly rainy, so hardly anyone was there at all.
There was a park ranger that drove by, rolled his window down
and said, "It's beautiful this time of year, isn't it?"
I couldn't agree more Mr. Park Ranger.
I couldn't agree more.


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  1. When we came out for the August Summer Scamper Run, we walked over to the pond and saw someone had put a goldfish in there. It was quite large. Don't suppose you saw it?