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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trying to be Patient...

We're still waiting for Piper to arrive.
It turns out she's not punctual like her father.
She's going to be more of a fashionably late girl
like her momma.

Today, I'm at 40 weeks and 3 days.
Hopefully, she's a Sunday's child, but we'll see.

We've been trying to be patient during this wait--
and keep ourselves occupied....
by seeing Superman in 3D. 

It was way cool seeing my home town's Main Street blown up.  Who would have thought that little old Plano whould star in a big Hollywood movie as Smallville, Kansas?  The mister's the biggest Superman fan I know-- and we both thought the movie was super cool.

by hanging out with Sara & John...
they're fun :o)

by taking the pups to get their mani/pedis...

by walking & swimming...

by gardening...

and by putting in my last day at work on Friday--
so, I'm officially on maternity leave.  Wooh00!

So, lil Piper Frances we're anxious & ready to meet you 
whenever you'd like to make your grand entrance into this world.

Also, you have a pretty big fan club already.
Your pops & I have gotten more phone calls & texts over
the last couple of days than we ever have with folks wondering
if you've arrived yet. :0)


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