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Friday, August 9, 2013

Style Icon: Ida Pfeiffer

When I was little, my favorite show was
The Wonder Years.  I, like many other girls,
had a crush on Kevin Arnold.  

So, when this show
aired, my mom would holler 
out the front door of our apartment,
"Cooooole! Wonder Years is ooooon!"
...and I'd leave the neighborhood kids and rush inside
so I didn't miss anything.

Now that I'm......older,
I've started watching the show all over again
on Netflix.  I still love it.  And I've discovered a new 
style icon, Ida Pfeiffer.  That's right, Paul Pfeiffer's mom, 
Ida Pfeiffer.  For one, I simply adore here glasses.
For another, she's sooo classic Audrey Hepburn  with
a twist (again, due to her awesome spectacles) at Paul's bat mitzvah.

Cheers Ida!

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