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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gramma Nona's Visit

Gramma Nona was Piper's second
overseas visitor.  We are sooo happy
she got to come visit.  The mister was especially 
excited - it had been 3 years since we
last saw her in person.  (geez--that was for our wedding...
3 years ago..really?)

First stop, the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
This place was way more impressive than I thought
it would be.  It was a first for all of us.  We'll
definitely be visiting again.

We had to show Gramma Nona the Volo Antique Mall.
Wouldn't it be pretty sweet to have a vintage
VW beetle as the family car?  Way cooler than
a minivan, right?

And we can't let any overseas visitors leave
our neck of the woods without taking them to Lake Geneva
...at least once.

...and last but certainly not least
we took Gramma Nona and Piper to their 
first Japanese restaurant, Kyoto.
It was delish--but, made Gramma Nona
nervous with all the fire at the table.

And every time a Scot visits, I'm bound
to learn a new word or two.  This time was no
exception.  Gramma calls baby toots "windy pops" 
and dirty diapers "a whoopsie".  
Adorable, just adorable.


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