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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Modern Vintage 2013 & Poppa's Habitat

gets old for me.  Even though
by definition, it means being surrounded
by old things :0)

But, this year was different.
This year, we brought Piper
and she was a hit.  The vendors just 
loved her.  In fact, I bet we could have
scored some pretty sweet deals
with the little fashionbuginista by our side.

Oh yeah, our friends Sara & John met us 
there this year too.  So, that was different too
and added to the fun.  I tried to convince them to 
model in the buff and get their portraits drawn, but
was sadly unsuccessful.  Wouldn't have that 
made a great story?

But, we did keep one thing the same.
 Just like last year, as a trade off
for the mister suffering through girly stuff,
we went to his habitat, the 

It was so darn cute to see my mister
and my little rockstar checking out all
the guitars.  So...darn...cute.


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