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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ida Grace, Everyone's Grandma

Ida Grace Evans
February 12, 1914 - February 17, 2014  

Grandma taught me a lot things over the years, like:

Do your exercises.

Orange juice is really good for you.

Keep a bread drawer.

Love your husband for always.

Hold your children tight.  
Be a Democrat.

Travel when you can.

If you have a good job, hold onto it.

Save your money.
Where there's room in the heart, 
there's room in the home.

Salt & pepper shakers make a great collection.
Turtles make good pets.

When you make coffee, make it strong.  
Then, drink it with a splash of whole milk.
Family is what life is all about.

Looking through old photo albums of Great Grandma
and shuffling through her closet (many times, for as long as I can remember) -
I realize that my love of patterns and colors that don't really match,
surely came from her.  So, thanks for being a unique, Grandma.  It rubbed off. :0)

...and I miss you too.

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