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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Day with My Mister

It's been awhile since the mister and I had a 
had a grown up Saturday.
We started out bright and early,
we're talking 9 am early, by meeting the mister's 
work buddy (how bromantic) at The Globe Pub
for breakfast & Tottenham soccer.
 (I have to admit, it's super cute how soccer makes Stu all giddy, 
kinda like a schoolboy walking into a comic book store.)

After the match, I took the mister on an epic walk,
in search of the antique store I saw on the way in.
It was much further than I thought - so, we ended up having
to drive there after all.  Oops!

Oh well, at least I got to take my first Spring photo :0) ...
Of course, I had to take a peek inside 
What a place, I so need some more glasses!
It's so good to see spectacles designed
for the uniques of this world.

To round out our grown up Saturday,
we went to the mister's favorite store in the world,
The Chicago Music Exchange.  They've always got
such beautiful pieces there.  And look how well he suites the banjo :o)

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