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Monday, March 14, 2011

Giving up Cable

Oh dear.  We gave up cable today.  Now, I know alot of folks out there could really care less about having cable (by the way, I envy those people) - but, I'm tv person - as much as I hate to admit it.  However, in the name of saving a little bit of coin around here I've agreed to give it up.  Quit cold turkey.  Now, I may regret this and really miss it...  but, we still have the internet and Netflix.  So, we'll survive. And I've always got Oprah to get me through.  This month's cover reads "How to Inspire the Best in You".  I bet cable tv is not on this list.  ----Oh, but maybe it is since Oprah just launched the OWN Network.  Anyhow, cheers to no tv - I hope I'm up for the challenge :0)


  1. Go to the library, lots of things to read and see there. You can at most libraries check movies out....for freeeeeeeeee.

  2. There is always Hulu. you can catch episodes of shows on there. I use it when there is nothing on tv or I need to amuse Thomas.

  3. Thanks guys. Both excellent suggestions. What I miss the most is WTTW. Usually, when I got home from work I'd plop on the couch and watch PBS Newshour & then, Chicago Tonight. But, I'm pretty sure I can watch those 2 online the day after.