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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quigley's Castle

I aspire to be an eccentric old lady one day.  
(I'm fairly certain I'm on the right path.)

Our trip to Quigley's Castle right outside of Eureka Springs
reminded me of my goal.  

Mrs. Elise Quigley (1910 - 1984) seems
like she was quite a character, someone I can imagine
sipping a cup of coffee with talking about crafty things and 
stories of days gone by. 

When we arrived at Quigley's Castle, 
we were greeted by her granddaughter.
She gave us a little history about her grandma & grandpa.
Now, this is where it gets good.

Mrs. Quigley was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted
and once she decided she wanted her dream home built,
she took matters into her own hands.
One day, when Mr. Quigley was away at work, 
she and her five children tore down the house.
(But she moved all their things to the chicken house first.)
Can you imagine how shocked Mr. Quigley must have been when he got home?

So, the family started building the dream house - 
now known as Quigley's Castle.
It was built from lumber from their land and by their own hands.

The two-story home used Mrs. Quigley's 
rock collection instead of brick or wood for the outside walls.
What a grand way to display a rock collection!  
She started collecting rocks when she was just nine years old.  
One of those, I will use all of these someday collection dreams come true.

When we walked inside the castle, it smelled just like 
my great grandma's house - very familiar and homey - and was full of surprises.

Indoor plants, over 50 years old now that are 2-stories tall now

An entire wall that was a collage of collected butterflies -crafted by Mrs. Quigley herself

A gun above the bed

plates above the stove.  (I love decorative plates)

and a lot of other collections

Now for the outside, the garden, the grand finale.
Wow, it was stunning and also full of surprises.

glass bottle sculptures

 of course beautiful blooms

rock art

a throne fit for a king (or a Mr. Quigley)

and the friendliest little guard dog you'll ever meet
to escort you to the gate on your way out

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