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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Male Brain

The Male Brain
Louann Brizendine, M.D.

Just a little while ago, I read the companion to this book, The Female Brain.
I had to giggle a little bit because this book is quite a bit shorter
in length.  But, that's beside the point.  I read this book in one sitting.
It was just that fascinating. So, here's my favorite random newly acquired 
knowledge the the male brain:

"Some scientists believe human males have retained beards and facial hair, even in warmer climates, in order to make them look fierce and hide their true emotions." (p.39) 
In spirit of beards around the world --> Check this out. beards around the world

"Liesbet Ruytjens and colleagues in the Netherlands compared the brain activity of seventeen- to twenty-five-year-old males and females as they processed the sound of white noise and as they processed the sound of music. The female brains intensely activated to both the white noise and to the music. The male brains, too, activated to the music, but they deactivated to the white noise. It was as if they didn't even hear it." (p. 41)
Now, I get it.  That's why the mister's so good at tuning me out sometimes.  Blame it on the wiring.

"Researchers have shown that teen boys begin to be repulsed, not only by the proximity of their mother's body, but also by her smell. The scientists speculated that this may have evolved as a protection against inbreeding." (p. 48)
Poor moms out there.  That stinks.

"Researchers have reported that men want an average of fourteen sexual partners in their lifetime, while the women said they wanted an average of one or two." (p. 67)
Very interesting.  I wonder how close these ideals match up to folks actual number of sexual partners.

"Researcher at the University of California found that it takes the male brain only one fifth of a second to classify a woman as sexually hot - or not." (p. 68)
That fast!  Really?  So, all the prepping for first date is all for one fifth of second!  Hardly seems fair.

"...Most men have no reason to feel insecure about their penis size. The average penis is much larger than it needs to be. According to researchers in England, the average erect penis ranges from 5.5 to 6.2 inches. Compared with other male mammals, relative to their females, it's super-size." (p.69) 
And here's the map to size worldwide (if you're interested). --> Yep, I found this interesting too.

"Research shows that dads behave differently with their babies not only when the moms are away but also when the moms aren't watching. And infants notice the difference too. One study showed that when Mommy, Daddy, and baby were all together, there were fewer interactions between Daddy and baby. And when fathers were alone with their babies, their playtime was much more spontaneous." (p. 86)
Daddies are just too cute with their babies.

"Mother Nature has purposely wired the state of loneliness into the human brain to cause pain so humans will avoid it...In today's modern world, researchers are finding that...loneliness can be as detrimental to your health, in the long run, as smoking." (p. 119)
This seems so obvious.  But, I didn't know it was just as bad as smoking. 

"For unknown reasons, married men live 1.7 years longer than single men." (p. 120)

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