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Monday, August 15, 2011

Heather's on Holiday...Part 2.

There were so many Heather's on Holiday outings 
that I couldn't possibly contain all the fun we had in one post. 
So, here's Part 2.

We spent quality time at various malls.
I'm dazzled by Heather's shopping stamina.
I learned from Heather that what I call a wallet, she calls a purse.
And what I call a purse, she calls a handbag.


We visited Smallville, Kansas.
Yep. The one where Clark Kent grew up
before he was Superman.

We ate at Pete's and decided this will be a Heather's Holiday Tradition.

We went to Metropolis too.
Ahem- I mean Chicago.  

The day started with lunch at Ed Debevic's
where Stuart was served the biggest chili-cheese dog
I've ever seen by the best ever waiter named Chachi.  
If you're wondering- the mister conquered that plate.


While meandering downtown we saw quite a few of these 
Shrek posters and just couldn't resist the photo-op. 

We stopped by the bean for a little mirrored fun.


We couldn't help but notice this spectacular ride.  Neat-O.

 And then, we ran into Marilyn Monroe.  Sigh.  So beautiful.
My Chicago trip could have been complete here.  
But, of course it didn't there's more.

 We kissed the sky at the Hancock Observatory.

To round out our downtown adventure- I planned a romantic evening
at the Shedd Aquarium.  A jazz concert.  An event called Jazzin' at the Shedd.
  That idea flopped.  There was nowhere to sit.  Bummer.  
But,  the fish were entertaining so it wasn't a total mishap.

Well, I guess there's going to be a Part 3.
It really was an action packed couple of weeks.

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