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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heather's on Holiday...Part 3.

Moving on to Part 3 of our week as personal tour guides for Miss Heather...

We finally got to meet the cutest little man ever
with the grown up name, Otis.  Isn't he handsome?
Mama Angela's smokin' hot too.  (And the sweetest doll you'll ever meet.)
We all took a dainty stroll along Naperville's Riverwalk
and admired all of the sculptures.  We did have wait out a rainstorm first though.
It seems like every time Angela and I plan a date there's a 95% chance of rain that day.


Check out the red & yellow peppers  
I double-dog dared the mister to try one with no luck.

So, the grand finale to Heather's Holiday. 

Demolition derbies are great. 
There's something entertaining about watching a bunch
of cars crash into each other on purpose - where the only goal is
to be the last car standing.  Bib overalls and boots tend to be the 
fashion choice for most of the male drivers and that is awesome.

And while we were at the Boone County Fair 
we simply couldn't resist the animals...  

The pigs had the right idea by just taking it easy.
  It was a Sunday after all. 

These mom and baby Clydsedale horses stole the show.  
Everyone walking by just melted.
Grandpa Johnson would have loved them.

 The goats steal my
heart every time I go to a fair.  One day the mister and I would love
to have two goats and name them F. Scott & Zelda.

After all of these fun adventures with Heather, we decided 
we wanted to keep her.  But, we kind of had to return her.  You see she's 
a world traveler now and will be leaving for another vacation
with her girlfriends very soon.
We can't wait until her visit next summer though.

We miss you already Heather.  (It's way too quiet around here now.)
By the way, Willie & Margot said they wouldn't mind letting you use their couch again
as long as Willie's cushion fit for a king is back where it belongs in the morning.
 xoxoxo :0)

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