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Friday, August 19, 2011

Thank You Jerri Lynn

Thank you Jerri Lynn for finding these photos.
It's funny how a little photo can bring back so many memories.
I'm especially loving the shorty shorts on my dad.
He was notorious for wearing shorty shorts well into the '90s.
Also, I notice mom's styrofoam cup which is surely filled with black coffee.
This is a trait I've now inherited from mom - 
except mine always has cream & Splenda in it too.
And check out my crimped hair. 
I told you I've had a long love affair with my crimper.


Moving on to the holiday season - flash forward 
a couple of years.  I could be wrong- but, I think Uncle Larry
took this photo.  He's always been the Christmas family photographer
at Great Grandma's Christmas Eve celebration.
I remember this dress.  TT and Grandma Johnson made it for me.
I remember the shiny fabric and 
how glamorous and pretty it made me feel.
The bottom was black velvet.  That was a really special dress.
...and I'll never forget the pink glasses.
Dad took me on that shopping trip.  At the time, I LOVED pink.
I convinced my father that those were the glasses I absolutely needed.
Then, I remember going home so proud of my decision and 
hearing mom say, "Dan, why would you let Nicole get pink glasses?  
You know redheads aren't supposed to wear pink!"
Well, mom was totally right because as I look back at these photos now...
Geez - those glasses were pretty unattractive.  But, what can you do?  
It's a character builder
and sure makes for good story now.

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