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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Hello, Norbert?"

Weekends are best spent in a cabin in the woods-

where the mister got to answer the following phone call:
"Hello, Norbert?"
"No, this is Stuart."

We attempted to put together this puzzle.
-but only got about halfway through,

We thought it be cool to check out the local state park.

-but it was closed for the season.  So, we had to laugh.
Just our luck.

Good thing our luck improved-
we got see the White House.  What a surprise.

We also found this cute little town in our travels.

 But, mostly we hung around the cabin.

I'm fairly certain the pups didn't want to leave.

 I know we humans didn't.

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  1. You could have taken a chance and walked around the gate. : O