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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6th, 2012

The first thing I did this morning was vote.
I got there at 7:15 am, which is really early for me.
It feels great to be counted.
I was really impressed this year.
Four years ago, the folks working the poll where I vote
were all senior citizens.  This year, though there were
a handful of young guys (probably high school) that were
working.  I think that's really exciting.  Maybe
the younger generation isn't so aloof after all?
It was a breeze.  I didn't have to wait at all.
My only complaint is that there were no "I Voted"
stickers.  I bet they used those all up during the early voting.
...and you'll never guess who I voted for :o)

Now, to continue watching Election Night Coverage.
Exciting stuff :o)

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