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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Ritzman

On Saturday, we had the honor of
attending Brandi & Matt's wedding.
They're a cute couple, through and through.
I'm so, so happy for them both.

Brandi was our neighbor growing up in Plano.
Gosh, we all spent so much time together.
When I think of summertime my mind usually wanders
back to these days, with the all-day swim-a-thons 
and trampoline jumping. 

I think the funniest bit of trouble Brandi and I 
got ourselves into was the infamous Amigos Tacos trip.
We walked down the street to the little Mexican restaurant and 
ordered a feast.  Dish upon dish.  
I'm not sure what we were thinking...
But, when we got the bill both of our jaws hit the floor.
I don't remember how we paid that bill.
But, I do remember being terrified to have to explain
the the whole thing to my mom.

Danny made the wedding cake.
After all, Brandi was the first girl he ever proposed to.
He was a little boy and she was his babysitter.
He constructed paper flowers and got down
on one knee...the whole she-bang.
To which Brandi responding, "Well,
how about we see when your a little bit older..."

So, without further ado, here's the cake

The cake was delicious.  But,
I'll forever remember the "Danny Cake Cutting Face".

 Congratulations again Mr. & Mrs. Ritzman!
We all had so much fun at your wedding :o)

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