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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

How do you get into the holiday spirit
when there's no snow?

I have to admit I've been having a little trouble
realizing that Christmas is just two short weeks away.

This year we went out an bought
a real Scotch Pine tree.  We always
had an artificial tree before this year.
I was impressed we fit this beauty in the back
seat of the Mazda.  Good work Mister.

Here's our completed feathery, chihuahau, peacock, 
chandelier topped Christmas tree...
Just our style.
And just a little bit on the crooked side-
but, it adds extra character

The mister and I went to the 
Annual Ugly Sweater Party,
and placed second.
Can you believe there were uglier sweaters
than these at this party?  
I thought for sure we were winners.
But, I'll take my "2nd Place is the #1 Loser" buttons :0)

Willie & Margot also got new
holiday gear.  I think they're just

But, this holiday season, I'm most excited by this
little photo we got today.
It's hard to read here, but it says
"Hi mom and dad"
I just think this is so neat.
I can't believe the mister and I
are getting new names this summer.
I'm looking forward to being a mom
to this little one and I can't wait for the mister
to be a papa bear.  He'll make a really good one.

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