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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Plano Christmas Lights

Every hometown has it's very own Clark Griswold and
Plano is no exception.
This Christmas Eve there were two cars full
of family members, the mister and I included,
that just had to go see the lights.  
 Caught ya on camera mom :o)

I'm told that
the lights are so vivid and bright you can see them
from WalMart.  (I suppose most hometowns 
have WalMarts as well.)  A fun feature in this display
is finding Waldo.  It took us probably 20 minutes to 
find him.  But, eventually I spotted him.

If you look behind Santa, then behind the blonde 
Peanuts character---there he is.
I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself for finding him. 

Of course, I took a gazillion photos of the lights
but it just didn't do the display justice.
It's set up so that you tune your car radio to 107.7  to hear
Christmas music and the Christmas lights are timed to blink
with the music.  So, here's a video - and if you were
wondering that was my Uncle Wayne's voice that you heard.  :0)

Technology and Christmas really do go together.  
Clark Griswold would even be impressed.

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