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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Just last week, my brother & I
took a mini adventure to Davenport, Iowa.

Here's what I learned:

My brother doesn't sleep.  Really, I don't know how 
he does it.  He was awake till 5:30 am- slept till 8 am -
then, only took a one hour nap the next morning.
I'm not sure how the boy can function.  But, he assures
me that this is normal for him.

We both agree that Sleep Number beds are annoying.
When, he actually did fall asleep, every time
he rolled over the bed went mmmmrrrrp-click. 
How annoying!

Both of us get flustered when driving in unfamiliar 
territory.  Skinny bridges also freak us out. 

Sometimes, I need to admit when my little brother
is right.  (This is difficult when you're an older sibling.)

On our ride down, I confessed that I really don't 
know very much about babies.  Now, I already knew this, 
but Danny's going to be a really super cool uncle.  
While waiting for me to finish work, he spent hours 
at Barnes & Noble dismantling the babycare section finding
the most comprehensive baby care book.  He
said the little old ladies in the bookstore were getting a 
kick out him sitting in the middle of the 
baby care aisle amongst piles of baby books
thinking he must be a new nervous dad.
He ended up picking Your Babycare Bible.  
Thanks Danny!

Thanks again for being my travel buddy :0)

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