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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Vist to the Art Institute with Kelly

Okay, St. Patrick's Day weekend rolled around-
& I, completely oblivious, planned a trip to the Art Institute
with my friend Kelly.  Kelly & I met in college,
where we were both art students.  So, the Art Institute
was the perfect environment to reconnect :0)

Now, back to St. Patrick's Day weekend...
Oh my goodness, the trains were packed with folks
in the most hilarious ensembles:
Green feather boas,
green bow ties with flashing LED lights
green tutus, 
green hats,
 pretty much green everything.   
On the train into the city, one guy decided it'd be a great
idea to pierce his ear
& on the way back the 'burbs, there was nearly a drunken brawl.
Oh brother.

After Kelly & I finally found each other-
we came in to different train stations...
we trekked down the museum and ran into
an impromptu street party with bucket drums 
as the entertainment-
So, that was pretty cool :0)

Traffic at the museum was actually pretty light for a Saturday,
another plus for visiting during a party weekend.

Can you believe I actually paid a dollar to "coat check"
my Vogue magazine?  I couldn't help it--that sucker was
heavy.  But, it makes excellent train-reading material -so,
it's perfectly justifiable, right?

Kelly & I had a blast posing with the art...

and snacking...
Kelly's good at getting discounts.
She got us a discount on this lovely cupcake. 

We stuck to the modern wing this time around.

For some weird reason, I was really obsessed with these
two pieces by Cy Twombly.

The First Part of the Return from Parnassus.  1961.
The Second Part of the Return from Parnassus.  1961.

Here's a couple of close-ups:

I always love Giacometti too.  He's one of my favorites.
Don't his figures look so lonely and sad?

We got to play a little photo game with
Human Nature/ Life Death
by Bruce Nauman, 1983.

Kelly landed on LIFE NATURE ANIMAL...

You know me, I'm always on the lookout
 for chihuahuas, even in the art world...

There was a special Picassco exhibit there too.
I was fascinated by his handwriting.  Check it out. 
I imagine mad scientists write like this too :0)

All in all, a great visit,
I can't wait to do it again.
Thanks again Kelly, you're the coolest.


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