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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Frightened Rabbit

 The Riviera Theatre is becoming one of my favorite Chicago venues.
The place is a bit run-down but still very charming and the perfect size.
They've been getting bands that I just love too.
I'm terribly obsessed with Frightened Rabbit and was thrilled 
to see they were coming back to Chicago.  So, we just had to go.
This time our adventure included dinner first at a gay bar.  Too funny. :0)

 The openers were another band from Glasgow, Scotland
The singer was very Ian Curtis-like and fun to watch.
Nice vocals too.

 My recent obsession did not disappoint.
Great show.  I'm a little sad they didn't play "The Twist"
but, I can forgive.  They more than made up for it
with tons of songs from their new album, Pedestrian Verse.
But, they didn't forget their classics either, which
so many bands tend to do with the release of a new album.


Scott Hutchison played my favorite, "Poke" 
-so dreamy and gut wrenching.  We've all been there.

I'm pretty sure my mister is crushing on this red guitar.
Since the show, I've seen him on his iPad scoping out red Fenders. :0)

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