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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Modern Vintage Chicago, Spring 2013

I know it's officially Spring when I get
the email reminding me that it's

The mister and I made an agreement, 
if he modern vintaged with me, 
I'd Chicago Music Exchange meander with him :0)

We both decided to try some new spectacles.
I think I may need a real-life pair of horn-rimmed frames.
Wouldn't that be fun?

 I always feel so inspired after the show.
There's so many treasures and sparkles 
from dreamy eras gone by.  

I also love, love, love admiring true vintage pieces.  
They're so well crafted and detailed, but
finding a piece in my size is always a challenge.
(...especially now, maternity vintage pieces are a rare bird.)

So, this year, I found myself thinking that I'd like to learn to sew, 
so I can create some twirly vintage-inspired dresses of my own.

Perhaps there's a sewing machine and 
plenty of YouTube tutorials for me in the near future? 
We'll see.

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