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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Nursery

We're proud to finally show off our nursery 
for lil Piper.  We wanted to take photos and post 
them now, before she arrives on the scene. 
Trust me, it will never be this clean and organized ever
again.  I'm almost sure of it.

We would have never completed the nursery on time
had it not been for Danny, mom, & TT.
Especially, Danny - he spent a whole week at our 
place helping us out.  He worked and worked, and worked
some more.  Little brothers 
(gosh, I better get used to his new title---uncle!)
sure come in handy.

I'm pretty proud of all that hard work.
And mister, you've been working super hard too-
ripping up carpets, painting, figuring out tool sets, and dodging 
falling desks off the balcony.  I'm convinced Piper's gonna
be a daddy's girl for sure.

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