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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Farnsworth House

Free tickets from
Count us in please!

in Plano, IL designed by the architect

The house was actually the product of a
love affair between Dr. Edith Farnworth and
 the famous architect.
Dr. Farnsworth must have been something else.  
The fact that she was woman and a doctor in 1940s
was quite an accomplishment.
The love affair eventually spoiled
and actually ended in lawsuits.
Ah, the drama - the excitement - just like a
Harlequin romance novel.

Back in the day, my mom was actually 
a tour guide there & so was my Aunt Edie.
That was back when the Farnsworth House belonged
to Lord Palumbo.

I like the idea of modern, minimal living space
but, I don't think I could actually live that way full-time.
I love my things way too much. I love books all around
and knick-knacks too.  But, I don't mind when I'm on vacation
or something and hotel is modern.  
That's kind of a breath of fresh air.

I remember this place used to have a really cool
sculpture garden.  But, it's no longer there.

I suppose I can get over the lack of sculpture garden though
because the gift shop was really cool.
Also, they had a Geoffrey Baer movie on loop
about the place.  I just love him. 

And just for fun... guess what this place sold for?
Oooh, only $7.5 million!  The National Trust for Historic
Preservation purchased the house in December of 2003.
Chump change, right?

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