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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gramma Nona's Arctic Visit

Gramma Nona came across the ocean
again for a visit.  And we couldn't be more excited
because she's basically a cross between Mary Poppins
and Mrs. Doubtfire.  All around awesome.

I'm not sure she'll come back in January again though.
She came during a polar vortex.  Geez Louise it was cold...

Since Gramma Nona is an artist,
we took her to the Milwaukee Art Museum.  It
was a first for all of us.  We'll definitely be
going  back.  It was super kid friendly.  We went on
a Saturday and surprisingly, it wasn't overcrowded.


We went out to eat a couple of times.
But, my favorite was this trip to the Olive Garden
where Gramma chatted up the waiter.
This is where we found out Gramma has a business card!
How cool is that?  She even tweeted about Aaron (the waiter)
when she got home.  She's into her social networking :0)

Gramma's last full day here was a girls day.
Poor mister had to work.
We trekked down to my home town to see my
mom and Great Grandma.
It's not too often that you get to take a photo
of a girl with three of her grandmas.

On Gramma's real last day of her arctic visit,
we visited the Apple store where she got herself an iPad.
Told ya she was cool. 

We didn't really want to take her back to the airport.  
But, I suppose all great things must come to an end.  
We miss her already!  The countdown till March has begun.

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