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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Holiday Season

I suppose I'm stating the obvious here
when I say that 2013 is a year I'll never forget.
Even though a whole lot changed, a lot of traditions
remained the same.  

And we're starting some new
traditions as a family too... like picking out a 
live Christmas tree that was way too
big for our little space.  But, if you're getting a
real tree, you have go big or go home, right?

I also have a confession regarding our tree, 
it remained up in our living room until January 19th.  
That's right, we're those people.  Towards the
end there I was embarrassed to even plug in the lights
because, geez - what would the neighbors think?
But, I suppose you can't worry about things like that...

 My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve 
at Great Grandma's house.  Now, I know this sounds weird - 
but, I find the chaos of most of my relatives being in the same place 
at the same time to be really ... peaceful.
My favorite live action scene from that night
is this photo of Piper and her cousin Roxie.  
Their expressions totally crack me up.

As for New Years Eve, we stayed in.. and
dressed up Pipes for mini photo session.
Poor girl has such dorky parents.
See our tree in the background?  This was before
it was embarrassing...

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