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Thursday, June 26, 2014


Our Edinburgh trip was coordinated
by the one & only Miss Heather.

and what a trip a was...  

When we arrived, it started to rain, like so...

No worries though, a little rain never hurt anyone,
& besides when you've got buses in front of you with 
signs like this, it's quite entertaining.


But, back to our adventure...
We spent quite a bit of time navigating this great city
via Grandma Nona's Honda Jazz .
We had conversations with bus drivers and everything.  
We eventually put two and two together and
figured out the driver was telling us to
get out of his lane.  Oh geez!  Good thing we were
just tourists!  So, we eventually arrived at a parking garage
safe & sound.  Next task, find Auntie Heather, Steve, &
Auntie-Cousin Kate.  Shouldn't be very difficult, right?

After successfully unpacking the well-packed Jazz,
we loaded up Piper in her stroller and we were off to the castle.
At this point, we couldn't see where this castle was -
so a kind stranger told us, "Yep, just go up the sidewalk here
and take the stairs on the left."

And we did just that-
good Lord it was a lot of stairs!

But, we made it and I'm fairly certain
we were all a little more breathless than
we'd care to admit.
And there they were patiently waiting - 
Auntie Heather, Steve, & Auntie-Cousin Kate :o)

The view was just breathtaking & the rain just
made all the bricks look glass-like.

For crying out loud we were at a castle.
A real-deal castle, like in a Disney cartoon.
Wow, just wow! 
It was an adventure that I'll remember for always.

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