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Friday, July 11, 2014

Ballatar, Man that's Where It's At.

Scott & Jacqueline are probably the best
tour guides a Midwest girl visiting Scotland could ask for. 
They took the mister and I on a jaunt
 through the Ballatar countryside.

And let me tell you, it was definitely a walk
I'll remember for always.  
For one, we met the most
perfect little black cat who was mesmerized by Jacqueline.
I mean look at them, they're kindred souls.

...and for another, 
these two brothers.
You know you're in for an adventure
with these guys.

We wandered past these horses 
at the beginning of 
our walk and I could just imagine 
Grandpa Johnson saying,
"Golly, they're pretty."
and he'd be right.

We walked and we walked.

We managed to get distracted 
along the way by
brave Scott marching up a very long
gravel driveway and knocking on the door
of a very closed art gallery.
It kind of felt like when you're a little kid
and you knock on the neighbor's door and run
off and hide really quick.
We got back on track by walking 
safely across this rickety bridge.

Upon crossing, we entered this foggy forest...

...and got to to admire some very Scottish animals.

Near the end of our walk, we noticed
this bouquet of flowers that had been tossed -
and wondered what sad story
brought them there.

After all the walking, we enjoyed some tea and goodies
in the cutest little shop.  Then, we went
to an even cuter bookshop, where I found - are you ready for this?
a book entitled Scottish Love Poems. Oh, heck yes.

Ballatar, man- that's where it's at.
I'm putting this place on my "Do this Again" List.

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