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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2014 Highland Games

I'm so happy that attending the Highland Games
has turned into a tradition for us.  This year we were joined
by the most awesome, Kelly.  Turns out her
and Pipes can both rock a good hat :0)

The caber toss is, hands-down, my favorite.
Strong men in kilts - um, yeah, I'm there!
Well, maybe men in kilts, in general, are my favorite-
they're everywhere at this festival.

 Granddad & Piper are quite the pair.  Aren't they?
It was a scorching hot day.  Lots and lots of sunscreen was used.

We  shopped, we ate, and we drank good brew.
I tried to convince Kelly she needed this kilt 
because it was just adorable on her.  But, she's 
responsible and saved her money instead.

Pipes couldn't keep up with all the excitement &
decided to nap through the pipe band competition.

Unfortunately, our day was ended a bit earlier than we would
have liked.  We all got our butts kicked by a crazy thunderstorm.
The storm hit and the masses ran for the parking garages.
On our way there, we had a close call with a tent that landed on Piper's stroller,
which scared us all.  But, thankfully, no one got hurt. 

After seeking shelter in a parking garage,
we came across this most romantic, warm your heart,
impromptu serenade via bagpipes.  
I'm so happy someone filmed this 
little moment in time and posted it to YouTube.
It gave me butterflies then & gives me butterflies now.


So, we left feeling & looking a bit like drowned rats.
But, I'm pretty sure we'd all do it again if we had to choose :0)

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