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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Circus!

What's a good summer weekend without the circus?
The mister and I haven't been since we were kids.

It was pretty great if you could get over the heat.  
But, I guess, what can you expect when you voluntarily 
join a bunch of other folks under
a plastic tent full of lights on a hot, humid day?
Whew, it was hot!

I kept wondering how the performers could wear those
costumes and actually perform without melting.

The costumes are something else.  
In my opinion, they're the best part of the circus - 
glittery, feathery, and made of all the best colors under the rainbow. 

Piper was a champ.  I was really impressed
that she sat still for so long!  When she wasn't watching 
the trapeze artists, the elephants, or the motorcycles, she was mesmerized
by the blue lightsaber Daddy bought her :0)

Now that I'm older and revisiting the circus I 
can't help but wonder what the circus life is actually like.
I mean there's whole families that go on tour every year 
with the circus.  Surely, there's a documentary I can find, right?
I'll be on the lookout because I bet it would be a fascinating watch.

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