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Monday, September 8, 2014

Turning One, Piper Style

I can't quite believe she's one.
Everyone warned me how fast time would fly.
Boy, were they right.

So, to celebrate Piper's first birthday, 
we threw a mad-hatter tea party.  I know she 
won't remember it, but I sure did have fun 
with the decorations - making the hats, 
gluing together teacups into crazy leaning towers
(the hot glue gun & I were the best of friends!),
watching Evan & Briante blow up balloons from afar, &
discovering Great Grandma's apron collection for the first time.

I had no idea it would be so exhausting, this party throwing business,
even with all the help we had!  Gramma Sara, Evan, & Briante 
all helped with the decorations and the food prep.
And Grandma & Grandpa Millar brought the cake & 
the technology with them.
Piper & B got to take a short nap before everyone arrived.
They were just too cute :o)

I think it's pretty safe to say that Piper had a great day.
She sure enjoyed her own little personal cake.  
It's a good thing the mad-hatters said,
"Let her eat cake dress-free."
  (...and thanks for the sink bath afterwords Kayla!)

 Grandad brought a movie screen with him and even
 made a little slideshow of Piper pics from her first year.

Piper also got birthday wishes from Scotland  on Grandad's movie screen too!

She got sooo many presents!  And I must admit, I didn't plan 
that part very well at all.  I have know idea what gift was from who.
It's all a big blur.  But, lesson learned for future birthday parties.
...and that lesson is:  A gift recorder is a must.  
So, thank you everyone that made it to Piper's first birthday.
I know we live pretty far away from everyone else, so it was really
a blessing that you all came.  Even though Piper won't remember this
day, I know that me & her dad sure will.

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