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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Modern Vintage Chicago

 Spring at the Randolph Street Market
which means sleepless Sunday night for me. 

(For some reason after going there I'm just 
so full of ideas it keeps me awake.  This time I found myself 
awake at 1am and surfing Amazon for an 
alphabet metal stamp set.  Go figure.)

The best part of the show was meeting up
with the coolest, vintage loving mama on the planet, Angela and
her adorable little man.  
Angela's bumper sticker says it all,

What a great motto to live by.

I tried to convince the mister to buy
this super cool Moolah Stage jacket
without any luck.  He got a vintage watch instead.
That's my practical Stu. 

My loot, on the other hand, isn't nearly as practical as a watch- 
but I think it's pretty cute.  The artist was just a doll too.
She creates new jewelry out of found items. 
And I'm a sucker for anything that is both sparkly and green.

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  1. What an absolutely wonderful day! I had a blast and am so glad we were all able to hang out.